Monday, January 31, 2011

Seven things...

Once again I have been surprised and pleased to receive another opportunity to talk about ME. It's come in the form of those rather nice blogging awards - the ones I am absolutely hopeless about passing along. I think it's all the lectures we were given about chain letters as children... or it could be my general uselessness. Probably the latter.

This time it's (surprisingly) the Stylish blogger award from the ever stylish Kerry A Tranquil Townhouse and Le at Third on the Right. Thank you both ladies. Before I started I thought I should check the last time I did one of these All About Me lists as;

1. I tend to repeat myself and tell the same story a couple of times... luckily I am terribly witty and interesting and people tend to hang on my every word so of course they don't mind. Except my husband. He cuts me off two sentences in. Poor man. Who could blame him?

2. I love it when my printer whirs into action the first time I press the print button. This last happened in 2007. Inevitably I have the page setting on A3, the connector thingy unconnected, the printer off or no paper. 

3. I love the sun.  I remember vividly the day each spring in London when you could actually feel the warmth of the sunshine on your skin for the first time in months.  At this end of the world the sun is too warm for most of the year and you can get burnt on a cold day. We might all be dodging skin cancer but we are definitely not depressed by a lack of light. I love that.
4. I love swimming in the sea but I like it to be clear beneath me so I can see the nasties that might be lurking. Ideally for me the ocean would be like a huge saltwater swimming pool with the occasional Nemo-type fish swimming by. I think that's why I like Sydney's rock pools so much... (Bronte's my favourite). I know... it's un-Australian to be such a wuss.

5. I also love chocolate which is nothing new. But not all chocolate.  Not chocolate cake, chocolate desserts and those overdone handmade twiddly chocolates (although I demolished half a box last night and will eat a cake to be polite of course). I really like just plain old chocolate, milk not dark if there's a choice.  I have had to go cold turkey quite a few times to check that I can actually survive without it.

6. I love old things, furniture particularly. Not groovy, mid-century stuff, and not those real antiques crafted from mahogany but well-used wooden tables, chests, chairs and useful old things with a solid feel and a lovely patina of age through use. 

7. And I'm sorry fellow bloggers, I love all your blogs but I loathe these little things... 

Inglatie? My brain and fingers freeze and then I type the word it nearly is. Without them I would be a much more efficient and then clearly better blogger.... I think.


  1. Great list. I too like to be able to see what is beneath me in the water or have a couple of others nearby to act as "shark bait". I also share your loathing of those blog near words. Except for the ones in foreign languages, I think those ones are rather exotic! Deb

  2. I like you. You're funny. I like how you're not passing the award on ... I'd had plans to do the same. Not pass it on ... now I won't because copying comes easily to me.

    Imagine if you had an old printer made of chocolate. Heaven, I'd imagine. But keep it out of the sun.

  3. Great list. I am with you on the whole choccy thing. BUT..have you ever tried caramel chococlate from Ghirardelli?? You really, really should. It's heaven in your mouth.

    And that pool! I want to take my hubby, who is a ocean racing swimming freak to that pool!

  4. Hi Ann,
    I laughed my way through this list- thanks so much. Enjoy your week! Emma.

  5. No. 2 made me laugh like a drain, whatever that really sounds like. I think I did a pretty damn fine job of passing that award on...not like you two wusses:) Thanks so much for playing and providing post first day back at work glee!

  6. Well you are very witty as you say, and I'm still smiling at the printer thingy!
    And your very fine chocolate brownie deserves a mention in your chocolate list, although for all the times when there is none of that in my cake tin, I too will happily settle for plain old chocolate - whitakers dark Ghana is hard to beat. Amanda xx

  7. Loved your list! Bronte is lovely isn't it, I used to swim laps there for 8 months of the year when we lived on that side of town. x

  8. Ah, Ann. You always do these posts so well! As for #2, we've existed without a printer for a year. Not something that makes me smile. I completely agree with #4. As a complete chocoholic, I can't entirely relate to #5. I'm coming around to the concept of #6. And I absolutely agree with #7. I got rid of word verification as soon as I found out how to. J x

  9. Do you think it's the chocolate that makes you terribly witty and interesting? I only ask this as I'm on my way to the cupboard to check for some. Milk, not dark, for me too.


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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