Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Island life...

We spent the weekend at Kawau Island... a little less than an hour north of Auckland and a thirty minute trip across the water from the mainland. It's a little private patch of paradise, coves lined with jetties that lead up to the baches built up on the hills. Our friend's family has had theirs for thirty years.  
The weather was not on our side - it was wet but warm enough. We swam a little, kayaked a little, ate a lot and all in all had a lovely weekend. Life on Kawau (Cow-wow) revolves around the jetty...
This is our two year old 'bombing'  - about a two metre drop off the jetty into the water. 
I did spend a few seconds wondering whether we should let him try it but he popped up out of the water like a cork with a big smile on his face, then jumped again and again shouting with glee. The kid is crazy.

We'll have to go back one day when the sun is shining.


  1. What a good holiday spot! Might have to try it. Not too far too.
    Wow your 2 year old is brave!

  2. I love the walkway of agapanthas. It looks so inviting...and the glee of jumping in is evident even from the back view!

  3. That is one fearless little boy you have there!
    Glad you enjoyed your break in spite of the sad weather.

  4. What a lovely spot! Looks like a fabulous weekend away.

  5. That last shot of your little one in mid-flight is brilliant.

  6. He may have been fearless but I'd have been petrified. Can just imagine the look on his face when he popped up again. Pure glee.
    Sounds like you've been having a lovely wee trip around the country, and I'm so inspired by your reading list. Can't wait to hear what you think about some of these reads.
    Amanda xx

  7. Your blog was a recommendation, so I came by to say hi! Your photos are just beautiful...and your family looks fun!! :-)

  8. Top and bottom, your two-year-old is too cute!

    And hello to you!

  9. I have just given you Miss Millie's Anti Cotton Wool Parenting Award Ann! Now this is more like it - kids doing exactly what they need to do (with a modicum of a safety net) to experience life at its best. Mr. Two will embrace his adult life with gusto & fearlessness, you just wait!
    Millie x


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