Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And the award goes to...

I just love the Awards season. LOVE it. People who have known me for a long time will think that sounds odd. I will do almost anything to avoid dressing up myself and I'd always rather be the least dressed up in the room.

I did dress up a little and walk the red carpet at the BAFTAs (the TV BAFTAs not the film ones) a couple of times in London. We didn't really 'walk' the red carpet but rather scurried in past the press pack with a lot of scantily clad soap stars and Joan Collins.  It felt great until a whole pack of snappers told us greasy journos to get out of the way with a 'move along love' and a wave of the hand.

Hollywood red carpet events involving big time celebs? I cannot get enough. And I don't really care who won what.

I love the frocks. The good, the bad and the downright shouldn't-have-got-out-of-the-limo-in-that-love-what-were-you-thinking?

E's Fashion Police has evolved into the very best bit. A 3D camera? Excellent, frozen spinning celebs in all their botoxed, bosomed glory - surely they all wear spanx? Apparently this season it's all about black, no peach, no blush, ummm no, emerald. I'm confused but I do hate peach.

I love the inane conversations and that wonderful question which makes no sense at all. Cue simpering, "So who are you wearing?" And that rare and wonderful moment when some new starlet forgets.

I love the palpable discomfort when the red carpet interview does not go that smoothly. It happens quite a lot. Interesting how ill-prepared the interviewers are and how unhelpful many of the actors are - surely it's their job to co-operate? Perhaps some are a little out of their depth with no script and the others are too famous to need to worry.

I like Ryan Seacrest trying to do serious.

When Michael Douglas (jokingly) told Ryan Seacrest that he Ryan had been his inspiration during his cancer battle this year, Ryan didn't miss a beat "Thank you" he said "You're inspirational to me too."  Eeergh. It was a JOKE.

It got even better this year when the show itself got underway and Ricky Gervais let loose (again! Who asked him back?). Introducing Bruce Willis as Ashton Kutcher's dad and that sort of thing... he was so mean and so on target with his jokes I almost felt sorry for Angelina. Almost.

**For those concerned (yes you Mum) that I may have watched four hours of TV yesterday - I didn't. I recorded it and watched it at high speed with my beloved Sky remote. The only way to watch anything these days. Now bring on the Oscars.

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  1. Yes, I'm with you. I love a good awards show. And Fashion Police is hysterical. Joan Rivers is so funny. Even my husband likes to watch it. You might like the blog, "Go Fug Yourself" if you haven't already stumbled across it. Lots of laugh out loud humour in that one.

    And how was Ricky Gervais' comment about John Travolta and Tom Cruise? That'll get the scientologists all huffy.


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