Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Toddler taming...

My two year old looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. You know the type - hair so blonde it sometimes looks almost translucent, clear blue eyes and sweet squeezable cheeks. People quite often offer to take him home. 'Go right ahead,' I say. 

He may look sweet but he has an iron will and takes an irrational pleasure in exercising it all over me. 

Take baking. I like it and if I'm honest I like that slightly smug feeling of assembling lunch boxes with healthy home made things and airily producing freshly baked biscuits as friends walk in the door. 

My five year old wolfs down anything I make. The two year old does not. Won't touch it and even has a new word for it,  'eeergh.'

Last week I saw him eyeing off another kid's home baked biscuit at the school gate. Traitorous little... 

Hang on, that mother has put sprinkles on top. When we got home I baked and sprinkled hoping I might win one round.
He took the biscuit. I smelled victory.

Then he ate the sprinkles off the top and threw the biscuit on the ground.

Round 4,321 to him.

(At this point do I have to point out that of course I love him and am honestly not giving him away? At least not yet.)


  1. Sounds exactly like my 3 year old!I keep waiting for him to grow out of it, still waiting..... :)

  2. It hasn't grown out of my 5 year old yet - licks the icing off the cake or biscuit and then leaves the rest - at least it stays on the plate now and not on the floor. :o) Ah, two year olds - don't you love em - it's about to hit my household in a few months.

  3. Oh, Ann, don't get me started. I think I will have quite a few blog posts on that vexed and irritating issue. It does my head in, several times a day. And even little one year old Sam has decided to get on board, being fussy with his lunch today. Be assured, you are not alone! J x

  4. Two year cute and funny yet such hard work! Bridget has become a lot easier since she's turned three..Rachaelxx

  5. Wow sprinkles great idea. Mine is like that too and he has the same word. Thanks for your lovely comment too. All will be well soon I hope.xoxo

  6. Dear me, children. I guess we just have to applaud their determination and pick up their biscuits.

  7. (By the way, I once tried sprinkles on lamb pie. No joy.)

  8. I have one like that too. The iron will is so hard to take from a two-year old. Funny things that they are!

  9. I know this sounds awful, I am glad to hear this even happens to Mums! My friend brought her wee niece for a visit, I spent ages making homemade chicken nuggets, mini oven frys, coleslaw & tiny cupcakes....she turned her nose up at lunch, licked a tiny bit of icing off one cake, left it on the table & asked if it was time to go home.....children are the harshest critics, I was crushed!


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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