Friday, August 13, 2010

Bikes and wandering minds...

I have a degree in procrastination. Actually a double degree and I graduated with honours. It took five years at university and a small fortune in fees and cheap wine.

Every now and then I hear a term like 'unconscionability' or mention of Lord Denning and some of my legal knowledge floats back... but what I have never forgotten is how to put off work until the last possible moment. 15 years ago it was essays on international law and exams on the rules of evidence, now it's freelance writing and radio work.

I am procrastinating right now and I have been doing it all week. I mean honestly, yesterday I randomly posted about Wendy houses. Wendy houses????

Kids help too... I spent a good hour searching for my two year old's shoe this week and when I'd stopped looking I found it  - stashed in the seat compartment of his ride-on Thomas train.

The upside of procrastination is that I clean things so this week I have sparkling (ish) floors and a much nicer smelling rubbish bin.

I also tackle little jobs that can clearly wait - you know the pics that have waited years for new frames. Which is why there is a rather large picture of a bike in black and white at the top of this page...scroll up and have another look. It's finally going back on our wall - a memory of great weekends away in Amsterdam with friends.

This will go next to it. My other half went down on bended knee in a snow covered Venice.
And of course there's London, not an iconic London shot but Richmond Bridge a stone's throw from our old house and a lovely place to stroll in the sunshine.
They're going in frames today, the Ikea frames I have stacked under our spare bed that are almost as well travelled as my procrastinating mind.

I may need to take a week off from My Villa Life and do some work. On the other hand I might be back on Monday. Hell, it's not due tomorrow...


  1. I can totally agree with all of this. I know what I have to do but keep getting distracted! It is so lovely to have pictures up of places that mean so much to you. Enjoy your weekend xx

  2. I am always, always doing things at the last minute...master of delivering 'just in time' which is of course a legitimate HR term (the industry I'm in). But bloody heck it makes life a little more stressful than it should be :) And while it may have taken you a while to frame those photos, wow, was it worth the wait!! I think that is one of the most superb photos of Venice I've ever seen. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Do nothing, do something and we'll see you back soon I'm sure :)

  3. Without procrastination, the housework would never get done. Anything to avoid writing!

  4. If procastination was an olympic sport, I would win gold, that is if I got around to going.

    LOVE this post!

  5. You make me laugh. I love coming here! Enjoy your weekend. Emma xx

  6. Oh, I hear you loud and clear. I always have good intentions but things are only ever done the last possible minute!

  7. Another fellow procrastinator here. I hate living with the feeling that there's a list of things that need to be done but try and get me to do any of the things on that list and you're in for an uphill battle.
    Those photos are amazing. Don't forget to show them to us all framed up:o)

  8. Those are fantastic photos and I love your blog. My husband's a Kiwi so we spend as much time as we can in Auckland (which, unfortunately, is not as often as we'd like.) Greetings from Germany!


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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