Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dressed to impress...

I am not really a fashionista. Actually anyone who knows me in my real villa life will be snorting as they read this... I mean I am REALLY not a fashionista.

I'm not even much of a shopper.  I'd like to be better and I gave it a really good crack as a single girl about town in London. My materialistic phase as it's known...

I have a secret fashion interest. I love the Sartorialist. I like the Awards season for the frocks not the flicks. I like those pages in the trashy mags where they compare celebs in the same dress. I like Sex in the City for the clothes. So yes, I am just like you.

I'd love to be assaulted by Trinny and Susannah in some godawful British high street, shoved into a mirrored cubicle and poked and prodded into a totally new and dazzling ME.

Now there are lots of fashion icons and blogs and blogs paying homage to them but today I have chosen Samantha Cameron... odd you might say but she wears clothes well and that is all that I want. Did you ever see this dress?
I know the real fashionistas are questioning her inclusion on this year's Vanity Fair Best Dressed list because she is really not terribly fashion forward and is posh and skinny so should look good. But she's the first pregnant woman to be included and she rarely puts a foot wrong, even pregnant. And she looks good dressed down too and let's face it, that's my life.
Poor Sarah Brown having to front up every day during the election to be pulled apart and compared by the subtly sneering Daily Mail.... ouch.
Rather like doing the school run with Elle McPherson.
If I ever go back to a real job I would like Tim Gunn of Project Runway fame to do me over in that very New York way he has on his makeover show. He has an essentials list for your new wardrobe.

1. Black Dress
2. Trench Coat (surely the classic Burberry?)
3. Dress Pants (think black)
4. Classic Shirt (white I imagine)
5. Jeans (ones that fit and cost more than 80 bucks)
6. Any occasion top (that will go from day to night)
7. Skirt - flirty or business
8. Day dress (I love this under used term)
9. Jacket
10. Sweatsuit alternative or as we would say at this end of the world, something comfortable that is not a trackie and uggs...

As a bonus one is allowed one trendy item. One?

If I win the lotto (if, if, if) I would start again with this list and burn all my black country road cardigans.  Then I could sashay along on the walking school bus with a bunch of five year olds in my sweatsuit alternative.

Hell, I've won the lotto. I'll move to New York and get a nanny.

For now it's jeans, one of those aforementioned cardigans and converse in a very un-Elle McPherson sort of way. And looking down, my taupe and white converse are now all one shade of Auckland grey. Shopping anyone?

(All images from the Daily Mail. A middle class rag but great for celebrity gossip. My sincere apologies too for the inclusion (twice) of David Cameron. This blog (and blogger) has no affiliation with Conservative politics or those other Labour jokers either.)


  1. I love that spotty dress. She may be posh and thin but she always looks good.

    And some of the Vanity Fair picks this year, with all the octogenarian countesses, are just plain weird.

    Arki Busson? Come on.

    And I too have WAY too many black Country Road cardigans.

  2. Were you just inside my head, because that's me all over! Every time I venture out shopping though I become extremely confused, overwhelmed and bewildered. What's a girl to do?!?

    P.S. As I'm sitting here writing this I'm wearing a pair of daggy jeans, white converse sneakers, a t-shirt and cardigan. I'm banishing Elle from my thoughts entirely :)

  3. That was a great read Ann. I'm nowhere near being a fashionista either, not since I've reached a certain age and put on too many kilos, and not in a baby related way, but I loved that essentials list. Maybe something to work towards. Mrs Cameron may have a poor choice of politics but she's got the important things right it seems!!

  4. I really love that dress too, I don't think I would be able to carry it off, sadly! I'm sitting here in jeans and uggs. I'm a disaster fashion-wise and I'm slightly embarassed to admit I hadn't even heard about the Vanity Fair picks. Oh dear. Great post Ann, you had me chuckling away :)

  5. Ohhhhh, I fell slightly better about my little Daily Mail habit now, not sure why I feel I need to keep abreast of celeb gossip.......but I do. Typing this in my PINK Country Rd cardi...(black one in the wash)This is a good site (well I like it) for clothes and they post to NZ/Aust

  6. She does dress down well - which is very much my uniform. I'm wearing secondhand black Versace jeans, sadly teamed with Target polo shirt. Where's Trinny and Susannah when you need them??

  7. My husband sent me a picture of her and we both think she looks great. I really wish I could find some style..I just don't have that talent. I live in jeans..Rachaelxx


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