Sunday, August 8, 2010

A little something on the wall...

Our walls are nearly full in this house - prints and paintings strategically placed to avoid contact with my couch acrobats or  a rogue football. Both my boys have a very strong straight kick and absolutely no short term memory. They tend to forget that seconds before I had shouted 'NO BALLS IN THE HOUSE!'

I still love looking for bits and pieces to hang on my walls... or stack against them for a few more years waiting for more space.
I was about to email this to my brother who is a graphic designer and very much into typography but hey what's a blog for but to share?

I spotted it on a wall here, yep Design Files again, and thought how much it scratches that itch for letters and places that everyone seems so obsessed by. But ah the colours and the corrugated iron. So Ostraliaan, so textural (in my best arty voice) Yes, I'm clueless but I know what I like...

New Zealand born but lives in Australia so we'll claim him, Ross Tamlin exhibits  here and here.  Read little more about what makes him tick here.

Hang on I hear something... a ball? In my house... again?  'BOOOOOYS!!!!!'


  1. Well spotted Ann. These are great. My boys love container ships. These would be fun on the walls of a modern, minimalist house. Off to read more about them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I blasted my girls this morning when the beach volleyball they were using as a soccerball landed on the kitchen bench amidst all the dishes that should have been in the dishwasher already - "how many times have I told you...." (I'm sure all they heard was "blah blah blah")
    Love that first image.

  3. Hey Ann,
    Cool pics. I am wondering if you got my last e-mail? I need to know your skin type before sending your product...can you shoot me an e-mail. Then I can get mooving on that! Thanks so much!

  4. Ha ha, you are funny! Very Australian and very Victorian for that matter..fantastic print. Balls in the house are not good for the nerves! Rachael xx

  5. Hi Ann,
    Love the typography. are so right...dollah, dollah a bag! Made me smile. XX

  6. It's fantastic art isn't it? The sort that makes you think "I can do that" when you know you bloody well can't! It's so clever. Be very afraid of what happens when they move on from footballs in the house :)


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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