Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sharing the love...

Do you read The Design Files? If you don't you really should.

Every day there is something fabulous to covet, read or just admire. Great interviews and gorgeous pictures - a fabulous window into Melbourne's groovy side with occasional trips to Sydney and elsewhere.

I was swooning over this Melbourne house tour yesterday. I went back three times for a look... then one of my oldest friends emailed out of the blue to tell how much she wanted it. Well, snap!
It's the home of Paul Bonnici and you can see the full house tour and read his interview here. Sounds like a nice man with a more than nice house. The patchwork rug from Loom has to be mine one day. I'd like a Paul Bromley piece too. Just a little one. Yes, Ann get a job.
What I can do - or aim to do - is the pared back look. White walls, bare wood, simply framed pictures, simple linen and quirky bits.
Or I could just sit here and stare a little more. Join me?


  1. Oh very yummy. I could die for those vintage pictures.

  2. Delicious! Glad I'm not the only one who spends too much time stalking gorgeous homes. This one though is particularly nice. Scissors, paper, rock you for it! K xx

  3. I can only agree. It's a died/gone to heaven kinda place isn't it. I'm in love with the textiles...sigh.

  4. I know - it's such a great house isn't it. I said to my husband 'THIS is a house I could just move into and I wouldn't change a single thing.' It's so gorgeous.

  5. Wow, so much inspiration just in the pics you've posted here. I'll definitely have a look..Rachaelxx


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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