Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stow it...

It's an endless search... finding the right bag, basket, bench, bucket for all the things you want stashed neatly away. You might have gathered that I am not naturally tidy but I do rather like a tidy home.

We have cleaning frenzies which are actually really just races to tidy the house - mostly in the evening when I have had ENOUGH of tripping over lego, cars, puzzles and race tracks. Or sometimes about fifteen minutes before guests arrive - yes I'm trying but Flylady's CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome) still rules some days. My sink is clear though.

Of course  most of our guests have children so an even bigger frenzy is required when they leave. Then I use the I MEAN BUSINESS kind of tone and my five year old jumps to it.

But he has to have a place to jump to... and we're getting there. We have a drawer for paper and sticker books, a lidded box for the growing collection of big boy lego, a car basket, lots of snap lock boxes for small things and I've just bought a couple of these.
Not the kid, the bucket. They hold the lego and the Thomas train set... but they're also good for lots of other things. Tubtrugs are cheap, strong, green (100% recycled plastic) and come in all colours. We are right into red.
I also bought these at Ikea on my last trip to Melbourne... and lots of other equally useful stuff of course!
I didn't quite see they'd be used like this...
But apparently a sword (or plastic Star Wars light saber) and one of these and you are quite the Knight in Shining Armour. Might give one to my husband...


  1. Those toys have a way of taking over! The tubs are great, love the red :)

  2. That is the cutest pic of your little one in the tub trug. I've got two of them as well and white storage boxes I slide under the buffee and it's one for wooden blocks, one for books, one for megablocks. But I hear you, I get so sick of the mess everywhere. I can't wait till I can order Will to help me clean. Right now he just uncleans something while I'm trying to clean : ) Ahhh...
    Have a lovely day Ann,

  3. I have pics just like these, even has the same looking blonde haired little boy in them. Lego and Thomas the tank engine, that is the good stuff. I think about you and I am so impressed. You have moved with your family many times and I am wanting to move as well. I cannont seem to get the hubby on board 100%, he is maybe at 40%. Just wanted to let you know that you are a woman after my own heart. Heidi

  4. I compulsively buy that sort of thing too, and then the children decide they need baskets to go to the imaginary shop and they tip everything on the floor. And what a fine Knight outfit!


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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