Thursday, July 8, 2010

Second chance...

A few weeks ago I tried to find a picture that summed up what I liked in one picture. A blog game from From The Right Bank. Well, like searching for the right pair of shoes and finding THE shoes six weeks after you needed them, I've found the room.
The people behind this lovely, lovely space work at the American architects, Buttrick Wong. You can see more here.

Even though it's a Northern Hemisphere room I think it has a very light, indoor outdoor feel and would fit very well in my family's life. Minus the white couches. Or I could sell the children.


  1. Very nice! Very relaxed and homely but sophisticated too. I like your choice Ann.

  2. That is really beautiful. I liked your old one but I like this one more..xox

  3. You clever thing...I'm still searching! Beautiful the doors and windows especially. Can I pinch your reading in 2010 idea? Might just help me get my reading mojo back!

  4. Thank you ladies!
    Kerry - please steal away - it's taken me a few days to get back to you as we've been away - I have found I am reading so much better since I started keeping myself honest on the blog (blogging is so good for that) and if you do it too I can take inspiration from your latest reads too... I'm in the middle of writing a post on it actually (my reading campaign that is...). I am loving it again - part of wrestling my brain back from the sleep deprived baby years!)

  5. Ann, I think I'm finding it easier to embrace as I seriously decluttered and then put everything in storage. I think I was so stressed by the whole previous process that this is like a mental holiday for me..I wonder how long it will take for me to be craving space again! I am in a beautiful quiet inner city pocket too... so it is like being in a quiet suburb. Your picture is beautiful... it sort of sums up me too! A-M xx

  6. Hi, Ann! I re-issue the challenge regularly precisely for this reason - once you find THE one, along comes another! This room is the perfect Scandinavian room in my book and I think you know how much I love those! Almost worth selling the children for. ;)


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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