Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Reading in 2010

You may have noticed that over the past few months I have been listing my reading material. The idea was to keep myself on track with the New Year's resolutions I made in April to read more selectively.

I had fallen out of love with reading and books. Too sad for a girl who has always read obsessively, voraciously, hungrily, passionately... and rather likes big words.

Why? Well, number one was the usual excuse of the mid-thirties mother. I needed sleep more. I always read before bed. During the day I can't be home alone without background noise, at night before bed, no TV or music.  I want peace and quiet and a book.  Unfortunately thanks to my lack of sleep, most nights I couldn't even manage three pages.

Second, I was a little bit time poor and a little bit lazy. Reading just crime novels because I like PD James and Ian Rankin and I could whip into the library with the rampaging toddler grab a book and whip out again.

Third, the sheer cost of buying books in Australia and New Zealand.  I don't earn much these days and I really think twice about spending thirty dollars (and the rest) on a paperback.  We used to buy three new books a week in the UK - they are so much cheaper there. We've decided buying in bulk overseas online is a better idea and I also need to invest more time in second handbook stores. No great chore you'd agree...

So how's the resolution going? I used to know what was on the best seller list, what was shortlisted for which prize and I had an opinion on whether it should have been... I still don't know any of that - I'm playing catch-up remember.

But I'm back. I read during the day last weekend - desperate to finish my Barbara Vine. I stayed up on Friday night at our bach in front of the fire alone and finished Seabiscuit.   Ah, that feeling when you simply can't sleep without knowing what comes next. It's back and I'm loving it.

By the way the image is from Remodalista... thanks Claude, it's becoming a favourite...
AND I  need to add to this... I had half written this post last week and Kerry from A Tranquil Townhouse messaged to say she'd like to start her own reading list - a little like mine.  Well she has and she very kindly blogged about it today and said some very nice things.  Now I get to check out what she's read and liked and make my book shopping list... you should read her lovely blog too, she's a doer not just a talker like me!


  1. I think finishing ANY book is a big achievement Ann, esp when you're a Mum of little ones, I know I just don't read anything but mags anymore (except for books which have Spot or farmyard animals in it) so good on you for getting your book mojo back! I love that library pic above! Jxx

  2. Hi Ann...how wonderful that you should post about books today...synchronicity indeed! Your book list was absolutely the catalyst for me to get back into reading so I'm very grateful to you (and for you letting me steal your idea!) Although staying up until 1 a.m. this morning to finish a book might not be the best idea! Speaking of crime fiction...Elizabeth George is my weapon of choice! Have them all! Thanks so much for the lovely mention too and have a great day..with a little space for reading I hope :)

  3. So, I love reading too. How I worked it out for myself is, I am part of a book club. I put all the books on hold in our Library, so I didn't have to look for them just swing in and pick-up. The books I couldn't get from the library i bought...some from a used store others where paper back. I had a whole year of reading for about $30.00! Summer is a little tricky, still trying to get my list in order.

  4. I love seeing what others are reading! I too am having trouble reading these days - mostly due to lack of sleep because of a toddler and a full time job. I don't get a chance to read during the day since above mentioned toddler thinks all books should be read to her and she's not a fan of my reading material. I have tried...

    I can't believe books are so expensive in New Zealand and Australia. I thought our $18-$22 for a paperback was expensive, but maybe I won't complain anymore! I had a real problem when I lived in London because they were soooo cheap and I acquired so many of them. And I wanted to bring them home. Lucky for me a friend who had been travelling and could only have one piece of luggage on her European flights stopped at my place on her way home. Just a week before I left. So my extra suitcase that held only books went with her.

    Oh books, I miss you!


  5. I'm with you - books are one of my great loves! Currently finishing Lionel Shriver's latest book - So Much for That. Brilliant writing but it's taken me two months!!

  6. Ooo, I want those book shelves. Gorgeous.

  7. Hi dear Ann! I've found your blog thanks to Kerry. I love books too! and I've created a sort of book club on my blog where friends can talk about the books they love. It's called The Books Cafè. The next event is on July 23rd and the theme is summer reading. I will be very happy if you would like to join!
    BTW, I didn't kno that bokks in NZ are so expensive...what about public libraries?

    I'm a new follower!


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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