Thursday, July 29, 2010

Seen this?

This is the summer work of the National Trust in the UK - luring Brits off the couch and out into the great outdoors and um yes, onto another sort of couch...   Journalists love this sort of stuff and it's hooked me, sorry.

Nothing like an offbeat pic and a headline. You know, GRASSED OFF,  WHAT A LAAAWN,  SOFA, SO GOOD - that sort of thing... in fact that was the quip the National Trust PR office used themselves. How could they not?

Apparently Brits, the lazy, lucky sods are spending an average 43 hours a week loafing about on the couch.  I wish...  Their television shows ARE better than ours, perhaps that's why.

Anyway this could get me off my old red couch.
Nice view, but on reflection grass does make me sneeze and there's no need to leave the house really.  Our couch is developing its own ecosystem - food, sand, shredded paper all regularly doused in milk and composting nicely so no doubt when spring comes it will sprout something.

By the way the pictures were taken at Osterley Park in London not far from our old digs and somewhere rather nice in Devon and they're from here.


  1. Hehehe... I think my lounge is the same, I like your '...when spring comes it will sprout something' made me laugh.
    Wow, that is very cool - but itchy!

  2. Oh Ann, you've got my inner pun working over about "suite potato" (you know, instead of couch potato. It's sad when you have to explain your jokes I know).
    Some of the couches I have upholstered have looked like something was going to sprout at any moment but that just makes the before/after so much more dramatic:o)

  3. Ann, I do so love your reading list, Have just ordered the Elizabeth Knox from the library nice to have recommendations! Stay snuggled up in your lounge with a good book and wait for spring!

  4. Ange - you are booked... love it. One day I will use it!!


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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