Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Snap, snap...

I got a new camera for Christmas and am loving it.

I thought it would make me blog more, inspire me to write but of course life is getting in the way. Life is a little like that don't you find?

It's a Lumix DMC-FZ40 -  the new version of our old camera. The zoom broke on the last one - probably through overuse as I'm always sneakily taking pictures of my children so that they don't give me ridiculous camera ready grins.

I spent the whole of last summer 'manually zooming' - walking towards the subject. Most tedious.

The new camera has a million new features I haven't quite deciphered and probably never will but I'm  delighting in its 'zoomability' and the weight of it in my hand. Like Goldilocks and those pesky chairs some cameras just feel right. *

I should add (before he does) that the husband took this photo with my new camera.
What's his is mine, right?

 *Any professional photographer who had stumbled across this blog has just spilt their short black in disgust.

**I'm time poor. This picture was ready and he owes me a lifetime of home cooked dinners.


  1. I love the picture Ann! I have a Lumix and the zoom has broken too. Am scrambling through my filing (mess) to find the docs to return. Will be very happy if I get a nice new one too. Your name came up at coffee on Friday - Charlie's mum. We miss your wit and company. Hope Melbourne appreciates you and your lovely boys...and talented husband. Annie x.

    1. Of course our zoom broke after the guarantee had ended. Give Charlie's mum my love - I miss all the mums... pick-up was always good for a laugh with someone and lord knows we need a laugh at three in the afternoon!! A x

  2. Well tell hubby it's a beautiful shot :)
    I thought my new SLR would inspire me to photograph and blog more too but I am finding the same - life getting in the way thing :)
    I like your idea of zooming in on the kids so not to get the 'camera smiles' which Will now does.
    I look forward to seeing some of your pics sometime.

  3. Top always took such beautiful photos that I never learnt how!!!!
    Now I have UK daughter's old camera and I am having so much fun....not much I can publish yet but one day!!!!!!
    Just love the bee's eyes!!! J xxx

  4. I'm most impressed with the other half's effort, I must say, Ann. Is this to be his first and last starring role? J x

    1. Depends how 'time poor' or lazy I get I suppose...!


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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