Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday door.... and a little bit of politics...

Something a little different in the villa door world to end another busy week. Not so hip and cool this one but a beautiful shade of blue to match that stained glass.

I'm distracting myself from the 'open warfare' and 'blood letting' of the week... overused cliches but they actually do best describe Australian federal politics this week.

In my real job I do not gaze at lovely interiors and critique front doors, I dabble in the political world in as a journalist. Part of me usually loves the thrill of a political story like the Gillard and Rudd #respill.  (That's the twitter hashtag that's caught on - I like #kevenge).

As a political yarn it's a belter but I'm sick of it.  I was sick of it before it became more than just a rumour in a few weekend newspapers.

I want Labor to sort themselves out. I want the Opposition to stop sniping. I want to feel inspired, even just a little, and led by our leaders.

Anyway this is not work and I am not at work today so back to that door.

I don't want to be critical but (don't you dread sentences that begin with 'I don't want to be cruel/rude/racist?).... it needs a bigger doormat. I guess if they'd known I planned to take a picture they'd have rushed out and bought one.
If some local blogger is planning a walk-by to snap my door, please wait.

You can barely see my doormat for the  leaves, acorns and stones collected on the way home from school and discarded and webs from the army of arachnids settling in on the verandah.

I've been waiting weeks for the broom fairy to visit but I may just have to don the tutu myself. Or bribe the husband.

Now that's a nicer picture to leave you with than Kaptain Kruddy, Juliar and the Mad Monk.**

Happy weekend. x

*My apologies to those overseas who didn't even know people would bother fighting to be in charge of a far off land like Australia. We do have more money than Greece and a mining magnate richer than the Queen of England.

**Not my terms I'd hasten to add. Mr Rudd, Ms Gillard and Mr Abott is what I would call them - if they'd agree to come on my program.


  1. Great post. I am loving the tag #kevenge. I wish they would stop bickering and get on with it. Got any good tags for the budgie smuggler?
    Anywho, with all that turmoil, the door is a pleasant olde worlde distraction. I agree about the doormat.

  2. Ann, I'd love to see you interview - or is the correct term 'referee'? - that bunch. You at least would be very funny. As you can imagine, the NZ media is loving this dust up A LOT. I did find myself wondering would I back Julia or Kevin? Cripes, only a politician could ponder such a horrible question! Have a lovely weekend. Annie x.

  3. That door is great but I agree, the door mat really is out of proportion. That reminds me I need to spruce up our door mat.
    Yes,am very sick or hearing about our pesky politicians. It's all very tedious!

  4. The doormat is ridiculous but then mine is the same (I went and checked!!!!) It's probably not a colour I would have chosen but it looks just right!
    Onto the pollies! Frankly I am appalled by this whole thing...these are the supposedly grown up, intelligent people elected to the top jobs in the country and instead they are behaving like school children Tina from Rubies Place probably has better behaved kids in her new class!!!!!!
    Personally I think the media, KRudd, Crean and Julia should all be deeply ashamed of themselves!!!!! There had my say. xxx

  5. Oh Ann. You never fail to raise a smile from me with your erudite view of the world. Yes, that doormat is ridiculous. And yes, the behaviour of our federal pollies is puerile. J x

  6. I love the shade of the door but not the tiny doormat! As for our pollies downright embarrassing. What must the rest of the word think.

  7. The political scene, during this election in the States, is also depressing and a waste of so much money. After awhile, I ignore it ... but I guess as a journalist, you have to pay attention. No wonder you need time to stare at doors painted in heavenly shades of blue.

    Have a great weekend, Ann.


  8. Don't know much about politics, but I'd vote for that door any day!

  9. First, I just discovered you blog and can't wait to look at all you book lists and add ideas of my own.

    Second, yesterday, Jules at A Sea View nominated me for a Leibster Blog award. They go to bloggers with less than 200 followers. You may have far more than that and I would be surprised if you don't, but your sidebar did not show you to have more than 200 and I did not see the Leibster Blog award on your blog.

    So, you need to link back to my blog (I hope you don't mind doing that) and then pass the award on to 5 more bloggers with less than 200 followers

    I found you in my fun hunt for the "lesser followed". Most of the blogs I follow have thousands of followers, but I have found so many new blogs through my search.

    I actually only sent the award on to 2 blogs today and I will continue my hunt through this weekend although I am reading The Tiger's Wife by Tea Obreht at the moment and want to delve into it. My husband says it is an absolute must.

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog.


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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