Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday door, named... and my pinterest push...

Now this Friday door is a little different, a difficult door to deal with but done well.
It's awkwardly placed in a corner on the side of a house with no defined front path.

The plants and the address etched on the glass (or the sticky stuff that looks like etched glass) leave no doubt that it's the main entrance.

I very professionally blurred out the address  (is there no end to my talents?) in case you start spamming the owners with 'like' mail. One can't be too careful.

If you like it 'pin it'.

Yes I have finally joined pinterest.   I refused to listen when people told me how great it was. I thought it might just be another thing I don't want to make time for.

It's not. It is GREAT... a clever, simple, useful spot to save those pictures, products, tutorials and reviews you've read online and can never find again. I'm using it to save fabrics I might like for cushions, cushion sellers on etsy, recipes, doors, you name it.  Clearly I love it. Do it. Please.

Weirdly you need to be invited to join. Let me know and I'll invite you. Even if you don't I'll invite you. I'm a born -again pinner.  A pushy one.


  1. I like that door a lot.

    I also admire your photoshopping ability. I couldn't have obscured the street name like that. Genius.

    I began as a Pinterest junkie, but found it takes up so much time. Enjoy it while you're young.

    1. Yep, young and a little stupid perhaps to state so emphatically that it is not a time waster. But useful so that's all the difference, surely??

  2. I have joined but I am a very slow learner when it comes to this!!!!
    I desperately wanted to pin all shabby chic manias images but you can't pin from Facebook!!!! That's just plain ridiculous!!!!
    Now where is your follow me on Pinterest Button?...I don't have one yet either!!!! xxx

    1. I haven't worked out how to put a pinterest button on to the side bar... I read the easy cheat sheet someone had written and my eyes glazed over half way through and then forgot about it. That approach applies to many, many things in my life!

  3. Ann, is there any way I can join without a Facebook login? I love the sound of it, but this has been holding me back...

    1. Mise you do have to have either a twitter account or FB.

      I used my non-blog Facebook account and then immediately de-linked pinterest from FB in the pinterest settings.

      I guess the assumption is these days that you either tweet or use the Book of Face (as it's called in our house)...

  4. Oh Ann. I'm so glad you've started pinning - it really is a fabulous way to store all your favourite photos. See you over there! J x

  5. I am still in avoidance mode but you may have nudged me an inch toward joining. Maybe :)


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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