Thursday, February 23, 2012

Reading? I recommend....

The New ConfessionsTheBlueAfternoon169.jpg
Stars and Bars
An Ice-Cream WarArmadillo169.jpg
A Good Man in AfricaAny Human HeartSchool Ties

Just before I left Auckland a fellow book clubber recommended I read some William Boyd. 'William who?' was my reply. Now I know. Thank you very much Ange.

William Boyd is my new favourite author and I don't quite know how I missed him. I remember seeing many copies of his best seller Armadillo being read on the tube back at the turn of the century (1999).

Better than any best seller list was seeing what the London commuters were reading - when I first moved there it was The Beach, a few years later Harry Potter, now they're probably reading their iThings. Boo.

Anyway back to Boyd. He writes brilliantly, his characters are intriguing and (unusually for good writers) likeable.  Each of his books is also quite different so I easily read five back to back.

My favourite? Any Human Heart. Followed closely by Restless...

The best of the rest... Ordinary Thunderstorms, Brazzaville Beach, A Good Man in Africa. Oddly enough it was Armadillo I liked the least. But it was pretty good too.

Go forth and read.
Run, don't walk - as the hip young things say.


  1. Oh ok then.
    I haven't heard of him until now so thank you for the heads up. I always follow your reading're my guru :)

  2. How did I miss him?!! Will check the library on Saturday although I am currently still enjoying my romance with Bruno!!!!! xxx

  3. Thanks for the tip! always after a new to me author. xx


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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