Monday, January 9, 2012


What a lovely time we've had. The picture just about sums it up... my dear Dad pouring another drop of something rather good to share with family and friends.

We've had two weeks in Tasmania drinking, eating, wining, dining, wandering, chatting and beaching.

There was a bit of rushing of course - there always is at Christmas time. Tasmanians who live abroad  seem to head back every other Christmas rather like homing pigeons returning to the nest. The pull of an island home I suppose.

This time we took five days away from the social whirl at a beach an hour from Hobart... my husband bushwalked a little, the boys ran and ran on the sand and swam in the shallows.  I joined them in the water for quick dips (it's pretty fresh) and also read and played with my Christmas gifts - a fantastic book I finished in three days, my new camera (yippee) and a rather challenging jigsaw.

I'll tell you more about all three this week in between the washing, sorting and gradual return to real life. 2012 here I come.


  1. Ann, thank you so much for your long list of suggestions. Day 1 and we've used a heap of them already. Hobart's pretty fab :)

  2. If only I could convince one of my children to move back and I would be there in Tassie in a flash! Of all the places we have lived it is my favourite and the place that feels most like home. The youngest two of our brood were educated there and we made many wonderful friends I miss it so! Glad you had a lovely Christmas and I look forward to hearing about the book. xx

  3. Sounds a bit like a perfect holiday Ann. Glad you were able to relax with family -nothing better.


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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