Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday door, white on white on white...

A Friday door that's fresh, crisp and spells summer.  Apparently they're not having such a crisp sunny summer in Auckland where I spotted this door before we left last year.

We have summer in spades in Melbourne this month. It's been so hot that on occasion my older son wants to leave Australia. It's only 35 degrees I tell him. Toughen up, next week it could be 42.  Of course when it hits that we'll both be melting into the same greasy puddle.

It's also been a week of few words on the blog. Life is busy isn't it? I don't mean to join the competitive 'I'm busier than you are' conversations that people delight in. And I'm not importantly busy at all... not solving any Big Issues or raising seven children while working full time. Or even cleaning my house. Hell no.

I did go back to work yesterday on a public holiday - Australia Day -  and fought to get a car park among all the people gathered to celebrate their Australian-ness.

That's the trouble with journalism. We journos may be bottom feeders but we have to work on all the best days and because we're not saving lives nobody cares. That's why every summer you see those  'There Are Too Many Public Holidays' stories in your newspaper.

We whinge on hoping against hope that someone somewhere will care. Anyone?


  1. I think you might be having or summer!!!!!
    I haven't taken the doona of the bed yet and normally we are roasting in 40 degree weather, at least some of the time!!!!! and in this cool weather of ours I should be busy, I could be busy, I'm just NOT!!!!
    Love the white on white door. xx

  2. I care about the lovely door - will that do? Ok, I care about journalists too. I'd never given a thought to their plight but now I see what you mean. And busyness is such a curse - just project managing life takes so long. I hope your heat eases up and you get to take a rest, Ann!

  3. Loving the door, Ann. But more interested that you're working - details, please! J x

  4. The door is lovely, but I don't miss the crippling summer heat of Australia - although just a touch would help as Auckland seems destined to totally ignore summer this year!


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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