Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our new door....

Oops. In 2010 I posted 136 thoughts on 136 separate days. In 2011 I have posted just 55 times (now 56).

I think that sums up our year. It all feels a blur. We sold a house, nursed two boys through two broken bones and a decrepit old crone with a slipped disc (me), juggled the administrative nightmare of moving with a husband with a highly stressful job - all first world problems and nothing at all compared to the woes of others I know.... in the middle of it all we reluctantly left New Zealand and gratefully returned to Australia.

I think it's the 'so reluctant to leave' and 'ever so grateful to return' that have me confused. Part of me misses terribly our lovely villa life in Auckland, the other is loving Melbourne with close family close by and the nervous, excited thought that we might actually stay here for good.

I think I have had very little brain space left over this year. As well as a return to part time work I have dived headfirst into the school and pre-school communities - all part of my usual impatient approach to settling. I find it so dull being new and not knowing anyone.

My oldest friends - who I will see over Christmas - have demanded I find my blogging mojo.  We are celebrating with a pre-festive lunch to discuss our New Year resolutions. I can't think much past 'lose three kilos' and 'find a better hairdresser.' My haircut is dire but I know I can do better than that.

Off to dig out the camera and see what you've missed about my last few months.

Oh yes and this is our new Melbourne front door. So like a villa door don't you think?


  1. Hi Ann lovely to have you back ... we are on the move too - back to Brisbane ... plus while you have been away we bought a holiday house by a cold beach near dunedin ... so when you long for some kiwi just yell :) Unlike your husband I am giving up a stressful job to mother again while MIC is going to reno our Bris house in 2012 ... happy days :) I know how you feel to maybe be in your forever town ... it's a strange mix of joy and something like trepidation ... are we settling at long last ... time will tell - best le xox

  2. ps the new door is very enticing and dramatic all at once best le

  3. You did better than me! 21 posts this year for mostly older than me and 7 in 12 days for one pink chair so perhaps we are both coming back! I love the door and the tessellated tiles are glorious. Look forward to much more from you SOON!!!!! xx

  4. Now that is a gorgeous door. Looking forward to reading your blog again, once you get back into it for real!! And I do hope that everyone has settled in well, with lovely kiwi memories and new ones just waiting to happen :)

  5. Thanks Ladies... it's nice to be back - one should always make time for the things you enjoy. And yes it is a nice door - unfortunately the interior is the usual rental cream but I do love the front garden and my roses.

    Le I always love your positive approach to a moving challenge. You're amazing.

    And Kerry you're right there is a lot to look forward to. 2012 is just days away. x

  6. That is a door with a bit of character and a presence - I love it.
    It's hard to leave somewhere that you like isn't it? The one consolation is that NZ isn't so far away and you can source cheap flights if you keep your eye out.
    I was in Melbourne last week and it seems a great city with so much to do, and if you already have some friends and family there you' won't be the new girl for very long.

  7. Great choice of color! Your new door definitely makes your house look even more elegant. The door knob is pretty interesting too. It’s unique and very detailed. Plus, your door seems to be well-installed. Great job!

  8. Moving from one city to another is pretty stressful already; I can’t imagine doing it from one country to the next! At least you’ll get marginally less rain now that you’re back in Australia? Hehe. By the way, I really love that door. The doorknob being in the middle is so cool. I also love all the blue on the front of the house, and the shade that’s on the door is really gorgeous.


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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