Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Looking back and some life lessons...

This is our Auckland garden, mid house sale. It was also the middle of July so while everything is looking uncharacteristically neat it's also clearly in need of sunshine and a warm burst of spring weather.   It had just had a much too vigorous clip and shape when we decided to put it on the market... I'm sure it looks a delight now.

You can see a paint brush on the arm of one of the benches... I think I was probably touching up the walls (again) while no doubt praying that the fence behind wouldn't fall down under the weight of our neighbour's awful towering palm trees - at least not before auction day.

You may remember the garden had more hedging which after much agonising I eventually pulled out.  The old hedges had started to die one by one and removing them was the best thing I could have done.  It really opened up the space and we all used the top level so much more... lots of mini soccer matches and lounging on the bench with a glass of something good as the sun went down.

So what have I learned from my last garden (apart from the fact that I still have a lot more to learn about gardening)?

I don't like too much green on green and would much rather have a colourful, productive space -  more fruit and flowers next time. The pink roses around our new house make me smile each time I catch a glimpse.

I do like the back hedging, a combination of pittosporum (the lighter slightly grey leaved plant) and griselinia - a glossy green hedge plant that thrives in Auckland and would no doubt hate life in dry old Melbourne.

I do love the colour of the brickwork. Before the previous owners painted it was a mess of sandy coloured bricks and sandstone and hideous grey blockwork. The colour is Resene's Fuscous Gray and I will use it again.

I was going to say something clever about the idiocy of paint colour names and then looked up the meaning of fuscous... after two years of sniggering whenever I heard it today I find out it means 'dark brownish grey'.  Another lesson learned. 


  1. Oh funny. I would've giggled and snorted about the word fuscous too.
    Flowers in a garden are always a joy, so you're lucky to have some in your new garden. xx

  2. We drove past your old house today and I pointed out to the girls that that was where your little boy lived. We were on our way to the dreaded Trent Bray...bet you don't miss that?! Glad you're loving your new garden. Annie x.

  3. Oh I have been away far too long! You have completed the move and no doubt settled in I will have to take some time and go back and catch up. You will grow into your gardening and keep refining your choices as the years travel on and the children grow. Keep enjoying it! xx

  4. It's so wonderful to hear from you again, old friend. You really did have the old place looking a picture. But I *get* your thoughts on the beauty of flowers. Seeing Planet Baby's garden grow is such a pleasure with all the old-fashioned, sweet-smelling roses. Now, when do we get to see the new place? J x

  5. Giggle from me too. Yes I agree, too much green can be too much. I love pretty white flowers to add a some colour but not too much.

  6. MOTH would be round to your new place in a flash Ann laying meters of his fave Melb. bluestone. You are in the perfect place for a grand garden, good gardening!
    Millie xx

  7. Ann onepinkchair.blogspot.com is up and running!!!! will you let your Mum know?!!!


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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