Thursday, December 15, 2011

Flat Stanley...

The keenly observant among you may notice that that large green dip is in fact a volcano and is in fact in Auckland. And yes we do now live in Melbourne.

I am playing blog catch up. 

That is Flat Stanley and this year he came to stay for a week or so with us. He'd been with my old university friend and blogger extraordinaire Jane. Now Jane would not have taken I don't want to think how long to post these pictures... (Actually I know how long - I just checked and it was way back in June. Cripes.)

I love the Flat Stanley project - it's nearly as old as me.

Actually the book is WAY older - written in 1964 about Stanley Lambchop who gets squashed flat by a falling picture and so can post himself to see his friends (I don't want to spoil the ending but in case you're concerned he gets restored to 3D with a bike pump.)

The literacy project sees school kids connect with the world as they send Flat Stanley on from country to country. Of course now you can do it online and as an iPhone app. Our Stan was old school.

We took him to one of our favourite spots in Auckland - Mt Eden.  I wouldn't mind posting myself back there for a stroll.

Stan didn't say much but I think that smile means he liked it. 


  1. OUr kids have done the Flat Stanley project too. It is a great idea. I bet he had fun with you!

  2. We'd love to have you back too Ann. No stroll today I'd know when it rains and rains in Auckland? That is now...and for the next week if the weather man is correct. We had Flat Stanley visit from Singapore last year and he had a lovely visit to school. Great project isn't it? Annie x.

  3. Flat Stanley is well travelled...

    Ah yes Annie the dreaded Auckland rain. I will not miss that!

  4. I like flat Stanley...perhaps we could have an adult version!!!!

  5. Oh Ann, I'm so delighted to see this sequel! I knew you'd come up with the goods - what a stunning photo.

    Thanks for the kind mention, although 'blogger extraordinaire' is taking it a little too far, my old friend ☺.

    Did you send him back to the US? We were hoping we might hear from the class but haven't yet. Have you sent this link to Jeanne? She'd love to see what happened to him after sending him to Planet Baby! J x


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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