Tuesday, February 15, 2011


There has been a lot of love on the blogosphere this week... apparently it was Valentine's Day this week, yesterday I think. I only realised halfway through the morning when my gym instructor wished me (and forty others I should add) a happy Valentine's Day. After a hard forty five minutes clmbing up imaginary hills on a bike he gave me (and the other forty) a chocolate heart. I didn't have the heart to tell him how much chocolate I eat in a week.

We ignore V Day in our house and my parents (who are staying with us) have always ignored it. They've been married nearly forty years and still laugh at each other's jokes (Dad jokes and my Mum laughs) so I rather think we can happily go on ignoring it. 

I read somewhere that today is Singles Day. I'm sure it's made up but do I like the idea. Not that I want to be single again, I rather enjoy my husband's company and love family life but I did like the time I had as a Happy Single before he and the two boys came along. 

These flowers are for all of you - the singles and the smug and not-so-smug marrieds. You may have seen them before on my table. Perhaps I'm in a flower rut but I do rather like them...
I also like my new purchase - new to me but old and no longer needed by someone else which is my very favourite sort of household item. 'Thrifted' is the term given to the shopping habit of more clever people. Me? I go to lovely well styled shops and buy my second hand goods there.
 The flowers and the new jars go very happily with my favourite green cupboard - also pre-loved and now very much loved by me and even my Valentine. The painting is one I bought when I was 23 and it's waited until this house to hang on a wall. It looks made for this cupboard with the same muted, restful tones. Odd how that happens by accident. I could never have planned it.
I am a little absent this week... spending time with my parents and my children. For families who move too much this is a rare treat and we're loving it.


  1. Ah, Ann. The jars, the green cupboard and the wooden bobbins - just heavenly. And the whole *thrifted* term I read everywhere in Blogland - isn't that what we used to call 'second-hand' when growing up? As my parents weren't into that, I feel like I've missed out on some life education there - something I want to remedy. My, that shop looks fabulous. Lucky you. And relish every precious moment with your parents, my old friend. J x

    PS Congrats on cracking the big one-oh-oh club - take a bow!

  2. Love the flowers, and the jars Enjoy your week, family is special x
    PS I got a caramel chew (put into the freezer no less) and a stained deck for V Day, who said romance is dead?:)

  3. loving everything in your last photo- the painting, the cupboard, the flowers... and the lamp is just gorgeous too. A very peaceful scene :)

  4. I just wrote a comment ... I think I lost it when I went to visit your second-hand store.

    What I scripted was, that I like your honesty. I'm not a fan of 14/02 either ... much hype.

    I also stated that I was hoping the green table was what you'd bought ... as I'm hankering for some new (old) furniture but can't afford it, and will trawl the blogworld until I can find someone who'll vicariously buy a Mid-Century writer's bureau for me!

    Have a great time with your parents and your boys.

  5. Have a wonderful time with your parents. I like their philosophy...someone's always the clown hey? Really like your last photo. I will avoid the use of the word vignette :)

  6. Thank you ladies! And Kerry I am glad you didn't call it a vignette - it's VERY unstyled. This is how it actually is most of the time - but with the addition of lego or bey blades resting alongside... A stylist would have a lovely time fixing our place...

  7. Your flowers look lovely...and I am totally, totally smitten with your green cupboard. Gorgeous!

  8. Stunning flowers, vase, the whole picture! You have a wonderful flair for style. Enjoy the time with your folks x

  9. Perfect flowers, just as simple as I like them, and I love the painting. It's good how fragments of a past life, such as your painting purchase at 23, fall into place later.

  10. What a lovely photo of your painting and green furniture, they really are made for one another. x

  11. Wow Ann, that picture is perfect - picture perfect in fact!
    We don't do V-day either, never have and probably never will. But I did enjoy the choccie I was offered at the meeting I attended Monday night.
    How are you enjoying the humidity this summer??? I think NZer's will have to start installing air con if it becomes a pattern.

  12. Hello Ann, I have spend the aftenoon reading your whole blog- had two cups of tea as well- and just love your way you exspress yourself and what you share.
    will follow you as I get to know New Zealand through your eyes..warm wishes Colette ~ Afrique du Sud

  13. love the lizzies - how delighful :) happy days with your folks Ann - as you said time to cherish :) le xox


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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