Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I write a lot about family, friends and my sense of place on this blog. Today I feel very much a part of New Zealand.

Auckland though is a very long way from Christchurch and it's hard to know just how the people of that  shattered city are dealing with the day ahead let alone how they will deal with the weeks to come.

There are dozens still missing. Here in my city it's all anyone is talking about. A cousin, aunt, uncle, elderly mother, sister or friend whose house is destroyed, who's sleeping in a park, who miraculously left the now collapsed car park fifteen minutes earlier.  The houses destroyed, the injured elderly neighbours, the children whose parents didn't come to pick them up from school.

Our own little school has reminded us of its disaster plan. All the classroom buildings are earthquake proof, the children would move to higher ground in a tsunami. We're urged to have a family plan in case of disaster.

I don't know how the people of Christchurch have carried on since September 4. More than four thousand aftershocks, big and small and now this. How do you leave your child at school? How do you head off to work? How do you tell yourself it will all be alright again one day?

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  1. They are my questions too Ann, you've put it so well. The after tremors must be so frightening. All my thoughts and prayers are with NZ right now.

  2. Oh Ann this is so sad I am glued to the TV news. Cannot believe it. Christchurch is so beautiful. I just read about a woman who ran out of a shop when the quake hit with her baby in her arms and was hit by debris and died (but the baby lived). So so awful. xoxo

  3. It is such harrowing news. The poor people of Christchurch. My heart is heavy for them.xx

  4. Oh Ann, it's just so horrible isn't it? I can't imagine one would ever feel safe again in an area that has experienced so many quakes and aftershocks. Those poor, poor people...
    It's also the main topic of conversation here in Brisbane as so many have family and friends connections in NZ.

  5. It's just chilling, Ann. I can't answer those questions, either. Mother Nature really needs to take a Bex and have a good lie down. It's just all too much. J x

  6. Your remark about the children whose parents don't come to pick them up from school really brings it home to me. It's such a terrible, terrible thing.

  7. We were saddened when we saw this on the evening news last night. Earthquakes are scary business. And earthquakes serve as a reminder for us that we are (Vancouver is) overdue for a big one. We checked our emergency supplies again last night and we're keeping our fingers crossed the big one doesn't hit anytime soon.

  8. It's just horrifying Ann. And completely unexpected by the sounds of things. Your questions must be on everyone's mind, and my heart is with all those who are affected at the moment - the after effects will be life long for some I'm sure.

  9. I was listening to ABC 24 yesterday and someone asked about the difference between NZ emergency workers and Australian; and how it seemed that Australian efforts were more measured. The reply was that was because we have more warning with ours...bushfires, floods, cyclones can be mapped to a degree. Earthquakes come out of nowhere don't they, and I can't begin to imagine how terrifying that must be. It's heartbreaking, and nature needs to give it a rest for a minute.

  10. Oh Ann, its so so awful. following your lovely suggestions we went ahead and booked our south island holiday - due to arrive on March 6th.I have been meaning to thank you for your kindness. Im now wondering if we should try to postpone ? I also cant help thinking that we could have been trapped in all that horrific devistation so easily, give or take a week. I keep bursting into tears as I see the news and the raw pain and anguish -so sad and perhaps not a good time to be visiting with so much going on.

  11. Just as I finish crying over one disaster another happens but this is just so dreadful the tears have dried up and all I can do is pray that they find another survivor...and another...and another until all those children have parents coming home to them.
    My thoughts are with Christchurch xo

  12. praying for those that are suffering today.

  13. These folk will need courage, strength & endurance in truck loads. All power to them.
    Millie x


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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