Thursday, September 2, 2010

Why I like this caper....

Nice isn't it?

I saw this today on Linda's lovely Oeke Design Blog.  Linda is an Australian graphic designer with great taste and I read all her posts. She found it at  Happenstance Home a place on the web I had never visited until today. Thank you Linda for the introduction.

In turn, Michigan based Lynda (with a Y) spotted the pictures on Emily Henderson's The Brass Petal. Now what I didn't know until today is that Emily Henderson is the hot new chic design chick in the States.

Minutes later... Ally of From The Right Bank, who lives in Atlanta, posted about Emily too and told me more about her new show which will probably come to New Zealand one day.

I feel hip and happening and in the know. Thank you ladies. These little journeys across countries to new places can happen in minutes and they happen most days and THAT, among other things, is why I rather like this blog caper.


  1. Oh, Ann, you make me laugh. I know exactly what you mean. It's a trip on a magic carpet around the globe, every day, many times over. Gotta love it! J x

  2. You're spot on Ann - blogging has been so much 'more' than I ever expected. Besides finding lots of beautiful images each and every day, it also connects like-minded souls. And I get to meet fab people like you - I love it! K xx

  3. Oh yes that is so one of the joys of blogging!

  4. This post illustrate the incredible weirdness and awesomenss of blogging. Who knew it would be so fun!


  5. Ann, Such a small world...just like Auckland, isn't it wonderful ?!

    Jeanne :)

  6. Heh Ann .. completely agree .. weird and wonderful ww-world we live in isnt' it. Oh, and this is from Linda with the I (oh how I wanted to be Lynda with a Y)!!!


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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