Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Face time...

It's September... time surely to think about next year's resolutions. I didn't get around to making this year's until February so I'd better start a little earlier. A friend emailed last month to say she'd been giving 2011's some thought. Second on her list is more maintenance... do the the nails, facials etc. It should be top of mine.

I had 'Be Better Groomed'  on my list two years ago and failed miserably - along with embracing early mornings... that one ended on January 1st when my then nine month old woke at 5am.

Blogging helps with resolutions. It's like standing on a virtual rooftop and yelling a pledge to the world - or at least the handful who read your blog. 

It also helps when wonderful fellow bloggers give you things. I was the very lucky and rather overwhelmed winner of a giveaway over at A Lasting First Impression.
Emily's parcel arrived yesterday with a lovely note and some fabulous things.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Emily sells Sensaria products and gives lots of little tips with her Facial Mondays. We'll see what lovely things they do to my face.

What a way to kickstart the 2011 resolutions. I may start small with wash, tone and moisturise twice daily? Is that achievable? Those laughing just don't know me at all...


  1. What a lovely treat:) 2011 resolutions!? Still working on 2010, I am supposed to have a cookbook written by Dec 31..........hmmmmmm??! A new notebook and pen always puts me in the mood for resolution making........I must buy a new one every time, I keep finding them around the house.......

  2. Ann, I didn't even to remember to make any resolutions this year - good on you for already planning next year's! Too funny. And what a delightful gift. You've been given a head start! J x

  3. Ann,
    I am so glad the box made it! I hope you love the products, and that you see dramatic and positive changes as you begin to use the products! Like I said in my note, I am so glad you were the winner! You were my first non-family/friend follower, and I only think it was fitting for you to win my first giveaway! Happy pampering! : )

  4. I like your 'be better groomed' resolution. A girl after my own heart. I sometimes don't shower in the morning as the day is too busy. I barely style my hair (OK, I barely actually wash or brush it). Tracksuit pants seem to be my only clothing and I have run out of expensive face cream so am using bulk-buy vitamin E instead. So, I am so jealous/happy for you on your grooming win. Woohoooo. Go 2011!!

  5. Oh lucky you, what a lovely giveaway win! All hail the new cleansed, toned and moisturised you.

  6. I don't know about my resolutions but I am going to need to do some serious repairs to my hair, heels and skin after this trip. Sounds like you will be all soft and glam after those treatments.

  7. How cool is that. I'm slack with my daily moisturising routine, so I can relate to what you're saying, Ann! Good luck to the "new" you! xx


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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