Thursday, May 3, 2012

Check mate...

Sometimes I get a little distracted in the house search and spend more time pinning all sorts of beautiful spaces instead of nailing the perfect trifecta of price, location and potential.

We're getting a feel for the areas of Melbourne we'd like to settle in. Actually it's all going to be determined by just how far I'm prepared to drive to my son's school. He and I have made friends and we're not moving far.

In fact ending 2012 without some sort of house move would be just fine, thanks.

And definitely not to an undersized and probably overpriced terrace house with a chess board in the garden - no matter how beautiful it looks. I'll just visit it on pinterest occasionally.

Image from here - while it lasts.


  1. Oh my stars, Ann! What a stunning photo. It's fabulous to hear from you again - I have been missing your witty and pithy posts. J x

  2. LOL - that's exactly what I've been doing - spending more time playing with houses on Pinterest than playing on
    We have finally found what we hope will be our dream house here in Sydney - and how cool is this- it backs onto my boy's school and there is a gate in the fence straight into the school - no excuse for ever being late for school any more.

  3. What a pity..I have the chess pieces to fit!!!!!
    Had a look at the rest of it and rather fancy the dining area and hall!!

  4. Oh how amazing is that garden?! I love the idea of having a chess board out back. Or perhaps a snakes and ladders board?! As for ending 2012 with some sort of house move - you and me both!


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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