Friday, March 26, 2010

The villas in My Villa Life

I had no idea how beautiful the homes in New Zealand are. Auckland has suburb after suburb of beautifully restored tradition wooden houses - known here as villas.

We fell in love with the villa and were lucky enough to buy our own. Villas can be drafty, cold, noisy and damp. But they have soaring ceilings, lovely proportions, gorgeous detailing and many have been beautifully done up with fabulous extensions to the rear. Well almost all have...

They were built in suburbs like Ponsonby, Grey Lynn, Herne Bay, Mt Eden and Devonport between 1880 and 1940 - ours is a 1910 gem. Many are now painted in fashionable greys, whites, taupe and cream with the windows and lacework trimmed in white or black. An old man told me with some regret that they all used to be painted in ice cream colours... I think I prefer them this way.

Most are immaculately kept. Our neighbour has spent the summer painting her already sparkling white villa. I fear our mouldy white fence is letting the side down...


  1. Way to go with your new blog, it's fantastic! I had no idea Auckland suburbs looked like this, they're just gorgeous. Thanks so much for your comment today, I'm putting you on my blog roll so I can catch up regularly..Rachaelxx

  2. Thanks Rachael - my first mention elsewhere - thank you for being so welcoming. I feel like a new kid at school... !!

  3. Very inspiring and uplifting! I love everything you have included in your story blog.
    I am also an avid reader and some of the titles of the books I have enjoyed-Salvation Creek, The House At Salvation Creek (both by Susan Duncan); A Grand Passion (about doing up an elderly house in Maryborough that hadn't been lived in for donkey's years and was referred to as that old haunted house!)by Anne de Lisle; Almost Perfect by Kelly Denley; Dying For A Cure by Rebekah Beddoe (this one is a must read as it makes one think twice about taking up a course of antidepressants); all books by Betty MacDonald such as Onions in the Stew (extremely witty and clever writing. She had a home on Vashon Island off coast of Seattle).
    Keep up the good work!
    Regards Kathy


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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