Thursday, April 5, 2012

Late summer blast... of colour.

Colour that's courageous. Loud, clashing primary shades, neon green, orange, classic blue and yellow beachey stripes. 

It's loud, it shouts and it's happy. So happy.

Many of Melbourne's bayside beaches are lined with beach boxes. They're sought after and expensive.

I think they're fabulous.  Just like summer.  


  1. Aren't the colours amazing? Lucky you escaped the Auckland "summer" Ann ; some of that colour at the Herne Bay beaches may have provided some of the only yellow to be seen! Annie x.

  2. The one with the stripey door in particular is absolutely gorgeous.

  3. What a wonderful energy just bounces of each one and you are right, even the photos are happy!!! We once nearly bought one many, many years ago, wish we had as I believe they now sell for an absolute fortune!!!!! xx

  4. They are just the bee's knees, Ann. What a shame they cost such a fortune! J x

  5. I need me a beach box STAT! They look amazing!

  6. So very fabulous, indeed. And each so very different. So deliciously Melbourne.


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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