Friday, July 1, 2011

Going, going, nearly gone...

Radio silence from here for way too long but this is why.

I have been tidying, cleaning, scrubbing and smiling (not) my way through a house sale. And it paid off. Sold with only a few tears from me. I have loved this house and our little villa life.

Oh yes,  mid marketing campaign this happened...
The three year old pulled a table down onto his big toe breaking it at a rather nasty fifty degree angle in the wrong direction. Apparently the table fell down "all by itself."

After a hospital visit to have the break reset he was plastered up to his thigh to keep him immobile and the toe still. That is working - we just have to lug him and another five kilos of plaster around. Kids though are incredible. He's perfectly happy and has adapted to crawling and bum-shuffling around on the floor and is very proud of his 'blaster'.

I think it's my fault... a few days earlier I had foolishly muttered something about the move going smoothly this time. How little I've learned.


  1. Hi Ann,
    I was just thinking of you this morning and was going to drop you an email to say 'Hello, thinking of you, oh my goodness moving can be trying...' and so on. So this post was a pleasant surprise. Congratulations on the house sale and hope your little man improves soon. Emma.

  2. Just what you didn't need..poor little guy! Great to see the property is sold and you can move on.

  3. OMG - naughty table! Well done on the house sale, though, and sorry, I've been a bit slack on the blog front - where are you moving to??!!

  4. Well done, that was a very speedy sale indeed. Poor three year old, but well done to him for making the best of it without even trying.

  5. Oh boy, not on the list of how to have a smooth move ideas, eg? Good to hear your home sold.


  6. Oh, Ann! No apologies needed. At all. I'm so relieved you've offloaded your house in reasonable time and haven't had to play Monopoly like us on PB. And so sorry to hear about The Big Break. The poor fellow. Looking forward to your return over The Ditch. J x

  7. How fabulous to have sold so speedily Ann. That is a big tick off the list. And I'm so sorry for your little one. Showering must be fun (not!) xx

  8. Nothing like a SOLD sign during slow economic times to warm the heart Ann! I cried so much when I signed the sale contract on our old villa, the ink ran off the page. Still you may luck in like us & find an old 70's place that's waiting for you to makeover - oh joy! Seeing your brave little fellow in his plaster brought back memories of being plastered last year for the exact same issue - & just like me, that shouldn't stop him from driving.
    Millie xx

  9. Hi Ann - so happy to find your gorgeous blog and recognise your lovely you're leaving town! Drats! See my photo...sleek, straight hair...before the Butcher of Servilles Ponsonby got to it. Hope you keep writing from Melbourne. See you on the school run...Annie x.

  10. Hello Ann:
    We have just arrived and, clearly, you have just left! But, what good fortune to have sold relatively painlessly since it appears that the housing market worldwide is extremely troublesome at present. And, of course, what fun to be moving into somewhere new where you can make your individual mark. We very much look forward to seeing how things progress.

    We are so sorry to see your son encased in plaster, but what a good job that he is philosophical about it all. We hope that he will be dancing around again soon!


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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