Wednesday, November 10, 2010

An early Christmas gift...

Now this is for you mum...
I am known in our family for my quirky (and entirely lovable) approach to toast - barging past everyone to get the butter on before it goes cold. My mother, on the other hand, is famous for sneaking a peak at her Christmas presents... and everyone else's.

As our grandparents lived in South Africa and we lived in Australia our presents always arrived by post and then were snuck into a top cupboard until Christmas morning. They'd look untouched but we knew better and Mum would quite often give herself away with a telling 'I thought you'd like that...'  

So this year I'll print some of these lovely labels and stick them all over Mum's gift. The labels are an early Christmas present to everyone from the delightful and talented Janette at My Sweet Prints who along with her little helper, her own sweet prince, produces delightful art for your wall. Her blog is here. The free, ready-to-print labels are here. Than you so much Janette. 

Oh yes - and only six weeks to go, as my gym instructor keeps yelling at the spin class. It's as if he thinks I'm going to don a bikini on Christmas Day. 

As if. It would scare the children silly.


  1. That was a fun story... My tree is up and now I have to start the present shopping... ;-)

  2. Hehehee... I'm sure you wouldn't scare the kids Ann - spin class, very impressive!
    Thank you SO much for blogging about my little gift. And I hope your Mum gets lots of laughs from the 'warning labels' all over her gift, that's too funny!!! Have a great day,

  3. Very funny post Ann. I have a lot of sympathy for your mum as we share the same weakness. I share your toast quirk as well, has to be piping hot so the butter well and truly melts, unlike my dad who I can vividly recall standing in the middle of the kitchen, toast in hand, wildly waving his arms around to try and cool it down as much as possible.
    I wonder if our children are going to re-tell our quirks on a blog in the future..yikes,lol.

  4. they peel and re stick?
    Yes? Then I love them
    No? forget it then... I like to be surreptitious in my pre Christmas wanderings!!!!!!

  5. Too funny. Ah, the wryness! Oh, and I haven't worn a bikini since I was 10. That's a land to which I never intend to return. J x

  6. Bikini?!!! I think not...sadly I was actually considering a purchase of the overall tummy sucker-in-ers aka things my Granny England used to wear, post baby body! And Christmas, that is creeping up

    Emma. xx

  7. Wonderfully charming seasonal labels, but surely for the hardened peeper and mother of the hardened toast-butterer, one would also need DO NOT SHAKE and DO NOT POKE labels?

  8. Also, that's just bullying of your instructor. You must wave your package of toffees fiercely at him whenever he says it.


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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